We are different!

Today @ .: Rock-Bunker :.

11 - 13 SLT: Malcom
13 - 15 SLT: Marius
Hey you!
Great, you've found the way.

Come in and feel free to look around. You can leave your shoes on. Feel like at home. Sit down, put your legs up.
Wanna have a beer? Take it! The fridge is full of it.

Is it you first visit? If not, you can skip the following passage.

If so, then something about sense and nonsense of this website:
You are landed on the website of our Second Life Club. Here you will find some information about us, the club and our team. Of course, you will find the actual schedule as well if you choose "Schedule" from the menu or just click here.
If you are registered DJ or dancer, then you can get into the schedule easily and everybody knows immediately what's up.

About the music genre:
As the name .: Rock-Bunker :. suggests, we are playing almost exclusively Rock and Metal music.

So, enough prattled.
You surely want to continue your lookaround to be in our club just in time ;-)
We are looking forward to see you.

Oh, almost forgotten to tell you, where you can find us.
That's easy: Just click here and you will be directly in our club.

But now, have fun on our website.